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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How To Article Chapter 3: Energon Swindle

Thanks again to Shinobitron for another great chapter in our exclusive Alterations how-to Article series.

Step 1
As always you have to know what materials your gonna need for a project. This piece is fairly minor and is mostly a repaint with some sculpting.

Tools needed:
Sculpt, Screwdriver, Dremel, paints (and brushes), X-acto knife.
First thing first is to wash your figure with dish soap and water. This will remove the mold release and make paint stick much better.
I always like to start with the head (but of course area of starting is up to you). I like to disassemble so my piece is easier to work with, but again this is your choice.

Step 2
The best thing to do is get some reference pics to work with (like here on Unicron.com) so you know what you're shooting for. After looking at some Swindle pics I changed the Strongarm head into the one in pic 2 using Apoxy Sculpt. If it doesn't come out right or the areas are to high don't worry we'll take care of that later.

Step 3
Okay so now you have the main sculpt done, but he still has Strongarm's body. You have 2 choices now 1) Paint the entire body black then paint over the black with the appropriate color or 2) Paint the body white then use clear yellow to make him his right colors and fill with black later.I based the entire body black and will now start matching to Swindles G1 scheme.
Step 4
I took him apart to avoid getting paint spatter on different colored areas. You want to use multiple light coats. This will avoid paint stroking and give you a nice solid color. This is especially important when doing light colors over black. You want to avoid heavy coating also due to the fact you might end up filling areas that you wanted black lining to show.

Step 5
Allrighty almost done! If you didn't tear him apart you all set but if you did its time to put him back together and make sure your happy with his color scheme.

Step 6
Now that your happy with his main colors it's time to add the little details. These are all optional and depend on how much depth you want to add to your figure. You can paint different color lights (head and rear) the seats, fuel tanks, etc. In this step you can also do a little more detail work trimming the head detailing and creating sharp paint lines for face/eyes.

Step 7
OK time for some weaponry! Just because you are making a Transformers doesn't me you have to use 100% Transformer products for your figures. I use such items as GI Joe, Power Rangers, Gundam, and even KO pieces and Dollar Store figures. Swindles gun is made from a GI Joe missle and Gundam model part frame. The big gun is made from a Gi joe Gun and a Marvel Legends Showdown missle tip with a Gundam frame as the handle.
I had to fill the center of Swindles chest with sculpt then drill a hole that would fit the handle. I also drilled a hole in the large gun to fit the small gun so it would combine like the original. A hole will need to be drilled in Swindles arm to fit the large gun in bot mode.

Step 8
last but not least is application of the faction logo. I get all mine from Reprolables.com.

you now have an update very poseable Swindle to add to your Decepticon legions!!!!

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