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Sunday, December 7, 2008

TFMaster - A Celebration of Life, Art, and a love of Transformers

Here at Unicron.com we would like to celebrate the work of TFMaster (and the purchase of our new scanner) with some never before seen photos of his early work. Back in the day, TFMaster would send us 35mm photos to put in our Alterations section because he didn't have a digital camera or scanner. The times sure have changed. Now after replacing our long since broken scanner, we can debue a few more yet unseen photos of TFMaster's amazing early work.

REDLINE and other TFW2005 board members have put at a wonderful "December's Featured Radicon" commemoration of TFMaster and his work for this Dec, the month of his birth.

Bill Koshorek (aka TFmaster) saddly, passed away on March 11th 2007 at age 31, but has left all of us TF-fans with a legacy of amazing work. May Bill rest in Peace. He will not be forgotten.


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