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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Transformers ROTF: JetPrime Custom By Lord Megatron

After picking up the Leader Class Jetfire figure from a local Walmart, I couldn't help but notice that the figure was greatly lacking in his combined mode. I mean, the legs were immovable and there was lots of unnecessary kibble hanging about, clogging up the articulation that I knew the figure to have. So what did I do about this you ask? Why, I did what allTransformers customizationists do; CUSTOMIZE!

I started out having to remove the back bit of Jetfire's torso and chest area so that I could make room for more movement, which in its own fault, caused me to remove the electronics from Jetfire(no problem, Jetfire wasn't a Scotsman in the movie anyways) After doing this, I promptly proceeded to remove both hands as they were no longer necessary due to me having removed his robot mode.Also, I took the liberty of carving out two slots within Prime's abdominal region, you know, where the two red bits off of his chest plug in? Alright, just checkin' if you're following me! They now slide in easy as pie now that I've made my marks. I also took the liberty of swapping out the hands with much more articulate ones from the Movie '07 Prime figure. They can now swivel and point accordingly!

Finally he was ready! The only thing left to do now was to actually combine them to see how the pieces fit together once my modification had been completed.The results are absolutely fantastic! No longer will JetPrime be subjected to poor leg articulation, since his upgrade, he's undergone some extensive retooling...

I have to say that even though this project was a success, there are a few minor gripes that I'd like to point out. For one, he can no longer hold his gun quite as tightly as the original hands could. This isn't a huge complaint but I feel that I could have done better. With that said, I'd recommend this mod to pretty much anyone who'd like a good JetPrime figure. The mod is quick, simple and all in all, a more enjoyable figure than it's previous state.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you wouldn't happen to have a copy of the regular conversion instructions for this do you?? My ex husband bought this for my son. we converted it a few times back and forth then I put it away for a little bit for being too rough. Now he is ready to play with it again. Its in robot form and I cant remember how to change it back please let me know!! I would love to have a copy emailed to me!!