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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Before he got sappy, Silverbolt's character rocked! I added color to the areas of the chest/forearms which needed it, redesigned the TF mechanism by allowing the wing module to fold back (like the show) & resculpted the head. Click HERE to learn HOW it was done! by: Perceptor


The biggest needed change was Dinobot's robot head, which was completely resculpted (it's even got teeth!) Then I painted it to look like the show. I added removable cyber-shoulder covers and colored various other parts. A tongue was added to the raptor head as a final touch! by: Perceptor


Waspinator's biggest change was in resculpting the head. I took the existing one and basically cut it off at the neck and sculpted the new one w/ epoxy. I also removed the clenched fist and on one arm and added a reshaped hand w/ outstretched fingers taken from Transquito. by: Perceptor


Tigatron's Robot and beast head each needed to be resculpted. Making the white cheetah head more tiger-like was actually quite easy by adding 'cheek bones'. The gun was given appropriate coloring as were legs & arms.


Megatron needed a tail which is both removable and re-attachable. Jason figured out how to do it and it's still very sturdy. When the tail is removed I built a hand that could be placed in the forearm. I also painted the chest and head to closely resemble the shows. by: Perceptor


Optimus Primal is one of the first alteration we did. The changes are minor: I painted the beast eyes and gave the robot head a visor like the one on the show. Jason and I each did one and pictures of each are shown. by: Perceptor


Scorponok's toy coloring looks very different from the way he looks in the show so Jason made many changes. In addition to resculpting the head, he made the black parts charcoal gray and added the gold and blue 'trim' in the areas which needed it. By: Jason


Jason's second major project was to give Terrorsaur that 'less wingy' look like he has in the show. Keep in mind that the wing module is totally attachable and the toy is still totally Transformable. by: Jason


Rattrap was the first major 'alteration' project Jason did. He wanted a toy where the rat mode could stand more upright and still be completely transformable. He even built a 'show-version' box! by: Jason

How it's done: parts, tools, paints

We often get asked about the materials and equipment we use: The following are links about...
* The material we use to make parts
* What tools we use to sculpt, cut, and shape
* What PAINTS we use
* How to ~sorta~ fix flaky vacuum metalized parts

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How to: Fix or Paint Metallic Parts

Has your Transmetal chipped? Are your G1 vacuum metalized parts warn down past the coating? Are you just not willing to accept that your "silver" (light gray) plastic is as shiny as it it should be? Well, never fear because Transformers Movie Megatron and Jazz feel your pain. We may not be able to electroplate metal onto your toys, but we're pretty sure we've found the next best thing. Alclad makes an incredible line of metallic Lacquers that'll get the job done. Check out their website for more information.

Thanks to frenzy.rumble for the heads up and the sample picture of his work using Aclad on Movie Jazz.